Dean’s Introduction

Welcome all,

The Argaman Institute, founded by the Tikvah Fund, aims to be a leading academic institute for research, study, and teaching of political philosophy and its consequences, all out of a deep commitment to the State of Israel and the Zionist vision. The fields covered by the Institute are widely varied: philosophy, history, economics, law, strategy, and statesmanship.

Thanks to an excellent academic staff, a dedicated, quality team, excelling students, and encounters with the giants of previous generation, the Institute is witness to deep intellectual activity that broadens the mind and the human spirit.
At the Institute, the best researchers and scholars share their unique knowledge, expertise, and perspectives with students, allowing them to study and discuss texts in a lively and thorough manner, and inviting students to a unique intellectual journey in the Israeli intellectual landscape.

We seek to provide those coming through our doors with a professional and challenging academic space. To that end, alongside the emphasis placed on providing knowledge for students, we place great importance on the development of independent and deep thought – with the understanding that these skills will help turn our graduates into leaders in their chosen fields of study and work.

This website allows those interested in the Institute’s work to be exposed to our many programs, find out about registering or learning more information, and to get a peek into the academic and scholarly activity that’s always ongoing at Argaman.

The Argaman Institute invites students and scholars, young and experienced to take part in our seminars, conferences, research workshops and practical workshops.

Come in peace,

Dr. Ronen Shoval

Director of the Argaman Institute and Dean of the Tikvah Fund