“The waters of the Shiloach flow slowly,” is how Isaiah described the truth coming forth from Jerusalem: far-seeing, fundamental – and often providing a different perspective than common discourse. In this spirit, Hashiloach journal aims to be a home for deep, refreshing, and wide-ranging writing about everything important to us as people, Jews, and Zionists – from the great questions of human existence in our time to an informed discussion of proper public policy for Israel. Hashiloach is meant to be a platform for discussion without fear or favor, but with respect to the cultural heritage of western civilization, especially our own, originating in Zion.

The title of Hashiloach is a homage to the Hebrew language journal edited by Ahad Ha’am, Klausner, and Bialik, which accompanied the beginning of Zionism and served as the prominent voice of the revival generation. Hashiloach is published in Jerusalem on behalf of the Tikvah Fund, which focuses on academic education for the advancement of values of freedom, Judaism, and Zionism.