The Scott and Susie Bender Fellowship Program

Lior Abutbul

is an MA student at the CEVRO research institute at Prague in Philosophy, Economics, and Political Science. She has a BA in Hebrew Literature and European History and works at the Kohelet Policy Forum, a free market think-tank in Jerusalem. She is a Bender Fellow in the Adam Smith Program.

Ron Deustch

is a PhD student in International Relations at Hebrew University. His thesis explores the theological background of sixteenth and seventeenth century Europe, which allowed for the acceptance of Machiavelli’s political ideas across the European continent. He also works at the Interior Ministry’s Department of Strategic Planning. He is a Bender Fellow in the Churchill Program.

Oriyah Mevorach

is a PhD student in Social Thought at Bar Ilan University. Her thesis focuses on the methodological and ethical fallacies of existing feminist theories, both academically and in popular public discourse. Her aim is to develop a conservative vision of modern feminism, both through high-level academic scholarship and popular essays and books. She is a Bender Fellow at the Argaman Institute and a participant in the Herzl Program.